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scsi refers to Small Computer System Interface and it is commonly referred to as the scuzzy. This programming standard was used to physically connect different computers together. The SCSI standard helps to connect different computers together and helps them to transfer data from computers to accessory devices. Now SCSI is now used in scsi hard drives, scanners and CD drives but it is not applicable on all devices.

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A little history

SCSI was first developed by Shugart Associates and the NCR corporation in 1981. It was original based on n older bus interface called the Shugart Associates System Interface. However, the program was so useful that it was adapted and modified by 1986 to be used in several devices. The scsi hard drives were at that time, the fastest hard drives on the market and they were popular with nearly every manufacturer. However, newer computers and better software has resulted in different ports and some computers no longer provide SCSI ports.

How does it work?

To simplify, almost every computer consists of traffic highways that ferry information. Consider the information pockets as buses that move about on the information highways. For example, when you plug in your digital camera, the USB cord transfers information (information highway) in the form of packets to your computer. This is fine for small devices like digital cameras and mobiles. However, it does not work for larger devices. What if you want to connect three to five different computers together for information sharing? In this case, a single USB cord and port is not big enough to carry information and charges up and down between so many computers. Consider the time and information that is going to shared and accessed from each system. For this, you need SCSI that allows up to 15 devices with their own scsi devices to be connected to each other. Now, it allows multiple devices (rather than computers) to be connected together at the same time as well. These devices were connected in a daisy chain with high quality, shielded cables of less than 3 feet to ensure reliable performance. The biggest difference in the SCSI hard drive is that it has its own processor on the drive. This also means that the processor makes the drive independent. It does not require the computer specification to work.

Advantages and disadvantages

SCSI has benefits as it is fast (up to 320 megabytes per second) due to its own processor. It has also been in use for several years now. It has a reputation for being reliable and tested with very few operating defects or soft points but at the same time, it does have its own drawbacks. It has limited BIOS support and different versions have variable SCSI software.

Finding and Buying SCSI Hard Drives

The internet is the best place to find affordable SCSI hard drives. You can check with hardware dealers and get in touch for competitive quotes. Make sure you are as specific as possible about the use of the SCSI drive before purchase.